Gualter Barbas Baptista

Activist-researcher and freelancer (agile) project and organisation manager and fundraising. Currently working with Ecobytes, Transition Town Witzenhausen, Förderverein Wachstumswende and Research & Degrowth.

Degree in Environmental Engineering and PhD in Environmental Sciences, specialized in Ecological Economics and Political Ecology with a thesis on environmental conflicts between peasants and eucalyptus plantations. Engaged in civil society movements on environment, climate justice, food and economics discourses since more than 15 years.  At Ecobytes I work as Drupal developer and maintainer, project and events manager, scrum master and consultant for several non-profit organisations and networks. Once in a while I teach on degrowth and agriculture at the University of Kassel. Ocasionally I collaborate to the journal Ecología Política as member of the Editorial board.

Here are a few concrete projects I'm currently working on:

  • TransforMap framework and platform for mapping the alternative economies (scrum master, developer)
  • edgeryders company and community platform (development, optimization and consultancy)
  • teilink, a solidarity exchange platform for matching offers and needs of people in a region, especially directed at refugees solidarity (project manager, developer)
  • co-munity collaboration and social networking platform (project manager, developer)
  • seed bank and exchange site (co-manager, communicator)
  • Transition Town Witzenhausen community house (co-working space and hackerspace)

Some recent past projects:

Current focus and interests include:

  • agile and convivial project management in the production of commons
  • development of social networking sites and platform cooperativism
  • linked open data and the semantic web
  • degrowth, climate justice and political ecology
  • education and (co-)production of knowledge